google search fun

"Katherine looks like"...

...Katie Holmes

...she's right where she's always wanted to be

...a bad pageant performer

...she takes the task very seriously

...a pretty cool character

...a linebacker (what?!?)

...she's having some runny nose

...a chunky Ashlee Simpson

...someone else entirely (you mean I don't look like myself? waaah)

...she is heading out for the neighbor's annual pig roast (yup, stepping out as we speak)

"Katherine is"...

...an integral part of Grey's Anatomy and its success (really? and I don't even watch the show)

...a fictional character from Highlander: the Series

...a native English and Spanish speaker originally from NYC (hola!)

...eventually richly rewarded (oooh!)

...about to undergo Gamma Knife radiosurgery (AAAAHHH!!)

...smart, pretty, [and] talented (thanks)


...one (I am not, I am 18, thank you)

...represented by a manager enterprise object

...one of two large towns you will come across on the route between Darwin and Alice

Now you guys do it! :)
Have fun...

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of confession and forgiveness

by C. H. Spurgeon

"Deliver me from bloodguiltiness, O God, Thou God of my salvation; and my tongue shall sing aloud of thy righteousness." -Psalm 51:14
In this solemn confession, it is pleasing to observe that David plainly names his sin. He does not call it manslaughter, nor speak of it as an imprudence by which an unfortunate accident occured to a worthy man, but he calls it by its true name, bloodguiltiness. He did not actually kill the husband of Bathsheba; but still it was planned in David's heart that Uriah should be slain, and he was before the Lord his murderer.
Learn in confession to be honest with God. Do not give fair names to foul sins; call them what you will, they will smell no sweeter. What God sees them to be, that do you labour to feel them to be; and with all openness of heart acknowledge their real character. Observe, that David was evidently oppressed with the heinousness of his sin. It is easy to use words, but it is difficult to feel their meaning. The fifty-first Psalm is the photograph of a contrite spirit. Let us seek after the like brokenness of heart; for however excellent our words may be, if our heart is not conscious of the hell-deservingness of sin, we cannot expect to find forgiveness.
Our text has in it an earnest prayer - it is addressed to the God of salvation. It is His prerogative to forgive; it is His very name and office to save those who seek His face. Better still, the text calls Him the God of my salvation. Yes, blessed be His name, while I am yet going to Him though Jesus' blood, I can rejoice in the God of my salvation.
The psalmist ends with a commendable vow: if God will deliver him he will sing - nay, more, he will "sing aloud." Who can sing in any other style of such a mercy as this! But note the subject of the song - "Thy righteousness." We must sing of the finished work of a precious Savior, and he who knows most of forgiving love will sing the loudest.
from Morning and Evening by C. H. Spurgeon

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just keepin' it real

What's up?

I worked last night and had a lot of fun as usual. My boss even told me one of his corny jokes.

There was this girl potato sitting on the couch watching t.v. She says to her dad "When I grow up I want to marry Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, or Peter Jennings. Her dad says "No, dear, you can't." The girl potato says "Why not?" Then her dad says "Because they're just commontaters."

John and Philip had lid fights all night. (Where you throw lids at one another). If you've ever thrown lids at other people, you may know that lids are hard to aim with. So it turns out, instead of John hitting Philip, John hit me right in the face. And instead of John splashing Philip with water, he splashed water right in my eyeball. Why me? I was just the innocent bystander. ;)

Will continued to prove himself accident-prone. The other day he dripped paint in his eye at home, so his eye was red and swollen for several days. He has also hurt his shoulder recently. His wrist is hurt from falling while playing basketball. (So he bascially had to do everything left handed yesterday.) Last night he was getting a heavy box down and it somehow hurt his ear. Poor guy he is getting hurt all over the place!

Matt continues to tease Casey and I about our shortness. We came in at the same time and Matt said "What is this, the midget hour?" I said "That's not funny!" To which our boss replied "Yeah, they're called little people."

Casey continued to make fun of my school. He told me he had detention and then he goes "Does your school have detention?" No. "Does your school have demerits?" No. That's because my school is GOOD! "I don't think so!" Whatever! Then when I got out to my car, a "mysterious" note was on my windshield that said "You drive a white van. Haha!" Casey sure is horrible at being mysterious. I know it was him for several reasons.

1. He parked right next to me.
2. He left before I did.
3. He teases me about lots of things, including that I drive a white van.
4. It was in his handwriting.
5. The paper he wrote on was ripped, and on the back was part of an address including the last three letters of the name: "YER". Casey's last name is SawYER. The city and state were Cheswold, DE. Well, guess where Casey lives. Uh-huh.

The one bad thing that happened last night was the chicken sandwich I ate. I don't know what was wrong with it. The first half was delicious. But the rest? It was so nasty, I don't even want to think about it. Strange. I'll let it go this once, but if it ever happens again I am never eating another chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a. :-) (Yeah right).

Until next time...

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